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Ryozanpaku graduate school design

I thought acutely that the place where the man of a different field argues about a policy across boundaries was required, working for 36 years in the Metropolitan Government Of TOKYO.There is a place which tells present Japan a system.Moreover, there are many people who tell a system and a method.However, there is no place which argues synthetically, for example about concrete subjects, such as development in front of a station, activation of a shopping center, fullness of a community welfare, and environmental management. At the graduate school in the center of Tokyo, a head, an assemblyman, the personnel, a businessman and a scholar, and a student cross an area, and inquire exceeding an occupational description, and I think if the Ryozanpaku which is useful to creation development of a policy can be formed.It is the graduate school which can obtain an intellectual stimulus, managing [ rather than separating from work ] hard work.

Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

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Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Biography: What the Tops of Giant Municipalities Have Created and Destroyed.

The author is former Deputy Governor of Tokyo. The governor's election accompanying the expiration of the term will be voted on July 5. What candidates will stand and who will the Tokyo people entrust to the next four years? Immediately after taking office, it is attracting attention as the gfaceh of the Tokyo Olympics. Since the first governor of Tokyo was born in 1947, nineteen elections have been held, and nine people have become governors of Tokyo. Therefore, the author who has worked at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for 36 years and knows the Tokyo administration thoroughly introduces the footprints of the successive governors and the unknown face seen from the aides. It is not just an archive of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the governor's election, but a valuable testimony to knowing the relationship between the chief, parliament, local government officials and citizens, and thinking about what should be done.

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